10 Ways Your Business Benefits From Using Social Media

Social networks can bring a whole new dimension to your business. Used effectively, social media can provide benefits to your business that you just can’t get any other way. Using social media means you can:

1 Differentiate your brand

How does one small business stand out from all the others? Use social networks to emphasis the areas you specialise in. Explain what makes you different from the rest.

2 Build your reputation

Show your knowledge by posting regularly on relevant topics. Prove your efficiency by responding to clients queries quickly. Happy customers are more willing to give referrals. And well-handled enquiries can generate new clients for your business.

3 Create trust with customers and prospects

Be transparent and open on your social channels. Customers need to trust you before they’re ready to buy. Social networks can help you build a relationship with them.

4 Compete with larger companies

Your business might be small and you may lack the advertising budget of larger businesses. But social media can be a great leveler. It allows you to compete on equal footing with much larger companies. You can even use it to make a virtue of your size. Emphasize your focused, agile, responsive approach to doing business.

5 Attract new visitors to your website

Your website is one of your key marketing tools. It will contain information about your full range of services. Use social networks to draw people there – and increase your sales.

6 Keep informed about trends and news

By following other organisations in your area of business, you can keep up to date with trends, news and key information.

7 Have your ear to the ground

Two-way platforms like Twitter and Facebook let you interact directly with customers and prospects. Use these platforms to understand the services they need, and to research new ideas.

8 Increase customer engagement

Ask your customers for suggestions and improvements. Ask them what they like and dislike. They will be happy to tell you.

9 Manage your reputation

Social media allows you to respond to comments or complaints swiftly. When you demonstrate a high level of customer service, it has a powerful effect on your reputation.

10 Market on a low-cost budget

You can market your products or services directly to customers without a huge budget. But be aware that you will need to spend time doing this – so make sure you have the resources available.

Some companies dive in without thinking about their strategy, or doing enough background work. This approach won’t give you the best results. Instead, put in some groundwork before opening new accounts. And make sure you evaluate your plans as time goes on.

If your social media account isn’t building followers or conversation in the numbers you’d hoped for, ask yourself why not. Perhaps you were too ambitious, perhaps your approach isn’t quite right.

Consider taking one of our social media marketing courses to help to find out where you’re going wrong – and how to put it right.