2.2 Billion Reasons why you need Facebook Ads

Ramp up your Facebook Ads results with the CTO Facebook Ads Checklist

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Trust me – you need Facebook ads for your organisation.  Facebook is without a doubt one of the most effective forms of advertising and marketing. Worldwide, there are over 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users, making it the most successful and popular form of social media advertising.

Facebook Ads Training

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People spend, on average, 30% of their online time on social media, with the average time being spent on Facebook nearing an hour each day. With a market such as this at your disposal, can you really afford not to use it?

Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline.– Jay Baer, Founder of LinkedIn


Plan your Facebook Ads Campaign

CTO has now created a Facebook Ads Checklist to make sure you get your important Facebook marketing tasks done. Facebook can be distracting and you need to remember when you are on Facebook, that you are there to market your organisation.

Use our Facebook Ads Checklist as a guide to keep you focused

There are now a wide range of options available when it comes to Facebook advertising campaigns, so you need to decide on your goals before you start your campaigns. What are you looking to achieve? It may be clicks to your website, conversions, likes, content exposure or brand awareness. Keep the end result in mind when you plan your campaign.

Ensure you keep it Mobile Friendly

A huge 90% of people using Facebook use a hand-held device such as a mobile phone or tablet.  So be sure to keep your content mobile friendly.

So here it is.

The CTO Facebook Ads Campaign Checklist

Follow this checklist to bring a percentage of the huge amount of traffic that is on Facebook every day, to your site.


  • Brainstorm 3-5 things that are unique selling points for your company

What makes you stand out?  What makes you different?  Why should customers buy your product or service?

  • What is the goal of your campaign?

Is it clear and measurable?

  • Choose engaging images for your Facebook advertising
  • Write your titles with clear calls to action
  • Write the content of your advertising

Consider your message. Is there a clear message that you want to get through to your audience? Does this message stand out in your ad? Who is your message for?

  • Name your campaign something meaningful so that you will remember it in the future

You can save each of your advertising campaigns in Facebook, so it’s wise to use a campaign name which explains at a glance what is is.  Use the month and the year in the filename. For example: Book sales – July 2018.

  • Create unique advertising combinations

Combine your text in different ways and test the ads to find out which type of ads get the most likes, clicks and sales.

  • Define your target audience

Test your Facebook ads in different age groups, locations, and interest groups.

  • Choose an ad type that meets your goals

There are many different types of Facebook ads, so it’s important to use the right ad type to match your desired campaign goals.

  • Set an advertising budget for your compaign

Ensure that your advertising budget is made clear to your team members who are involved in the campaign. Take the cost of the testing phase into account.

Decide how much you will pay per click. The higher the price the more clicks you will receive. Choose from cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

  • Define your ad set names

Divide every ad set into different audiences messages and pricing structures. All names on your ad sets need to be different and they should define the content. Make sure that the content is written to best suit your target audiences.

  • Check the ad sizes and optimal settings before you upload your ad

Facebook changes ad settings periodically, so ensure you have checked them before you upload your ad.

  • Test the campaign
  • Use the best results from your tests for your campaigns
  • Set dates for your Facebook Ads campaign



To gain a slice of the market of more than 2.2 billion users who are on Facebook every month, ensure you cover all 15 points on the Facebook Ads checklist each time you plan a new campaign.

You can also improve your current Facebook marketing skills with CTO’s Facebook Ads for Business Training.

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