6 Awesome Benefits of using Microsoft Teams

By: Corporate Training Options, Australia

Teamwork with Microsoft Teams


The benefits of using Microsoft Teams are many, including allowing you to harness the changes in the business world in recent times.  We now have:

  •  greater mobility
  •  widespread internet availability
  •  rising popularity of distributed teams
  •  more flexible working options

It is now an absolute minimum requirement for organisations to have online communications and collaboration hubs.  So wherever you are, you can keep doing business, working with a laptop or smartphone.

Microsoft Teams improves collaboration

We’ve adopted Microsoft Teams in our organisation this year, and with staff located across Australia, it has become an essential tool for us to run the business. So, I’d like to share with you some of the awesome benefits of using Microsoft Teams software.


Teams is included in Office 365

Firstly, did you know that Teams is included with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription?  Many organisations are paying for applications like WebEx, Skype for Business and Slack.  As a turnkey solution, Teams can simply be ‘switched on’ in your Office 365 account, so you can start enjoying improved collaboration and productivity without the added cost.

When used to its full capabilities, you could say that Teams is like WhatsApp, and FaceTime on steroids.  In my opinion it is game-changing for your staff, and the way you interact with your customers. Have I got your interest now?  Let’s take a look.


Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity and improve communications

Have you ever worked on Trello for project management, used Gmail for email, Zoom for video meetings or Slack for group messaging and chats?  If so, you would already be familiar with the need to switch screens and log in separately to access these different platforms.

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams is that everything is conveniently available in a single app and interface – from online meeting records, conversations, chats, shared files, tasks, and so on.  Popular Microsoft applications like Word and Excel, as well as a wide range of third-party software, can be seamlessly integrated into the Teams workspace so you can get your work done without the need to switch apps or leave Teams.

And the good news is – IT JUST WORKS!


Teams can help people focus on their tasks and be accountable

Microsoft Teams features secure channels for one-to-one or one-to-many messaging and chats.  The channels contain conversations, document repository and even meetings relevant to each channel.  This way, you can focus on the task at hand and engage with the people in the channels where you actually work. This means up to 30% less emails – and that translates into less NOISE!


Teams improves transparency and makes it fun

Make work fun with Microsoft TeamsTeams makes it easy to keep everyone involved in a particular project in the loop, through the channels feature, which acts a “sub-team”. If you need to communicate anything to some people in the channels you work in, all you need to do is @-mention them with your message. Everyone in the channel will see it, and the people mentioned can respond.

What’s more, communication enhancement elements like GIFs, likes, emoticons, and live link previews are automatically enabled, thereby promising a richer, more expressive communication platform. And if you happen to have a multilingual workforce, automatic translations of conversations are easily switched on.


The Teams hub facilitates a smooth transition to the Cloud

Teams is a fully cloud-based app, so your organisation’s transition to a cloud-based digital workplace will be seamless. With Teams, there’s no need to carry around files and documents or storage devices.  Anywhere you are, as long as there’s internet connectivity, you can conveniently access your workspace and stay on top of everything.


Microsoft Teams can make the adjustment phase easier for new staff

CTO Training for Microsoft TeamsThe benefits of using Microsoft Teams when on-boarding new staff is that the orientation process can be shortened.  There’s no need for lengthy explanations and introductions.

All you need to do is to include new team members in the channels they’ll be working in, and give them access to the files and documents they need, so they can start being productive.


Microsoft Teams – Document Version Control

The Microsoft Teams document collaboration tools mean you can take away version control and say goodbye to emailing back and forth various versions.  How good is that!


Of course, to fully harness all the advantages that Teams offers, you must know how to use it – well!  We have seen some outstanding results with our customers that are lighting up Teams.

We have two training options for you, which are the Microsoft Teams Introduction Course and the Teams 90-Day Adoption Program .  Both offer different levels of skills outcomes and can be booked directly on our website. Alternatively, please call CTO to discuss a more tailored solution for your organisation.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements for Teams training.



Learn more about the courses

The topics covered in our Microsoft Teams 1-day Introduction Course include:

  • Introduction and overview of Microsoft Teams
  • Creating and managing Teams
  • Team Conversations and video conferencing
  • Working with Teams
  • Managing Teams
  • Team Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile App


If you would like to take advantage of our Microsoft Teams Corporate Adoption Program, we will assist you to implement a 3-Phase Rollout, as follows:

Phase 1 – Start

  • Customer On-boarding and Teamwork Assessment Survey
  • Teamwork Readiness Workshop for Leadership Team
  • Setup your first Teams and Channels
  • Develop your Roadmap, Action Plan & Deliverables

Phase 2 – Experiment

  • Integrate your Microsoft Applications
  • Develop your Champions Program
  • Governance QuickStart – to develop your framework of best practice
  • Onboard your HelpDesk Support Team

Phase 3 – Scale

  • Define Outcomes and Measure of Success
  • Drive Awareness of the Teams roll-out program
  • Implement Training for all end users
  • Schedule Service Health Reviews



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