How a CRM System can Power your Customer Relationships

A CRM System will Power your Customer Engagement & Lifetime Value

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A CRM System is a Customer Relationship Management tool that every organisation needs.


Because a CRM system tracks your customer interactions, manages their accounts, stores their details and allows you to improve customer engagement and the lifetime value of your customers.


7 Ways a CRM System can Power your Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of your organisation, so you need to do  everything possible to manage them well.  The more positive your customer relationships are, the more successful your business will be. A CRM System that controls the everyday issues of managing customers and potential customers is vital to the success of your organisation.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) provides you with the tools to learn more about your customers’ needs and behaviours and allows you to communicate with them more effectively.

It is a central place for storing customer data, that is accessible both in the office and remotely. CRM systems are ideal for managers, sales staff and administration teams to track customer interactions.


Here are 7  ways that a CRM System can improve your organisation and enhance your customer relationships.


  1. Identify Customer Needs

Using a CRM System allows you to:

– track your customer’s purchasing habits

– understand your customer’s specific requirements

– have in-depth information about your customers on hand at all times

– easily access customer and sales reports


  1. Improve Your Customer Service

CRM Training with CTO

Improve your Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty with a CRM System

Being able to manage your customer’s jobs effectively while having an integrated overview of your customer, enables you to assess your customer’s needs and provide them with outstanding customer service.

When you are trained in the use of a CRM system, it is easier to manage your customer relationships, build rapport with your customers and answer any questions they may have, on the go.  This leads to more satisfied customers and more effective and productive staff.

It’s a win-win.


  1. Target your Marketing

CRM software allows you to easily see which products and services are popular with your customers, and which are not. Your marketing can then be targeted to your customer’s exact wants and needs.

  • It allows you to use a personal approach
  • You can introduce different product lines to best meet customer requirements
  • A CRM saves you time and money on your marketing efforts
  • Many CRM systems have marketing tools built in, so you can market directly from your customer files


  1. Increase your Sales & Revenue

With a host of in-depth information and reports available, you can focus your sales efforts on those areas that you can see are working well.

You can also identify which customers are the most profitable and focus more of your efforts on these customers.

CRM systems allow you to increase your bottom line, with less effort.


  1. Improve Your Internal Communications

With online notes kept for every client, it is easy for you to see, for instance, when a colleague has last had contact with a potential customer.

Likewise, if you are stepping in to cover someone, all of the information you need about your customers is right there at your fingertips. You can quickly come up to speed on a customer file, and be more organised and proactive.


  1. Convert More Leads into Sales

If your sales funnels are working well and you have lots of leads, it is much easier for you to track, follow up and convert leads using a CRM system.

Working with a good CRM system will allow you to prioritise your leads and action them quickly and efficiently. You are less likely to lose potential customers as you can answer customer questions as they arise, and follow up automatically, using templates set up within your CRM.


  1. Track Your Resources

With a CRM system you can track the progress of your sales. You can see the time your team members spend on each job, know the number of sales they have made, look at the leads they are working on and more. It is easy to see how your team is performing, and if they are meeting their KPIs.

As data can be entered from mobile devices on the go, you can see and act on this information immediately if you need to – from anywhere.


In Summary

A CRM system allows you to track and evaluate all communications that you have with your customers and potential customers. It allows you to best serve your customers, take your business to the next level, and remain competitive in your industry,  So, can you afford not to be using a CRM system?


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