Adobe InDesign Tips for Marketing Pieces that Shine

11 Adobe InDesign Tips to make the most of your Software


By: Corporate Training Options, Australia

Adobe InDesign Tips and Trick can help you create awesome marketing materials.

Adobe InDesign Tips give you new ways to make the most of your software.  InDesign is fantastic for making posters, flyers, brochures, presentations e-books, and more. It is functional, easy to use and with a little training and know-how, gives you professional results every time. There are some great little-known features in InDesign. Here are some Adobe InDesign tips you can use today.


  1. Use the Find / Change Feature

The find/change feature in InDesign works the same way as find and replace does in word processing. The command can be found under the Edit menu.

Using the buttons on the right-hand side of the tool allows you to navigate your document and make changes to the text while the tool is open. You can even find and change the formatting of your document.


  1. Balance Ragged Lines 

This tool can make your paragraphs shorter and easier to read. It can be toggled on and off.


  1. Page Numbering System

When you add automatic page numbering to your master page, it appears on each page of your document.


  1. Flow Text Boxes

You can flow text boxes throughout all pages of your InDesign document. If the amount of text in the text box is larger than the size of your box a red plus sign appears in the text box.

To add a new text box, click on the plus sign, draw a new box and the text will fill this new box.


  1. Place images

To place images, you can use File > Place in InDesign or drag and drop images into your InDesign document. Add single images or bring in multiple images at once.


  1. Compound Path Frames

With compound path frames you can place a single image in multiple frames for a visual effect.

Select the Ellipse, Polygon or rectangular frame tool and create two or more frames.

Choose the selection tool and shift-click on each frame.

Choose objects > paths > make compound paths.

Go to file, place and select your chosen image and then click on open. Adobe InDesign automatically places the image inside your new frames.


  1. The Eyedropper

The eyedropper colour theme in InDesign has an extra feature that allows you to select a complete colour group rather than selecting a single colour.

Click anywhere on your InDesign document and the program will recognise close colours and create a palette of five colours.


  1. Shading Paragraphs

Paragraph shading is new to InDesign. A solid colour box is placed behind a text box and the selection is treated as a single unit. Alternatively, you can create a shape and place it behind your text.


  1. Link Files to Your Document

Linking external files means you can add images into your InDesign pages, while the file still remains separate. The shortcut for placing files is Command D.


  1. Copy Effects to a Separate Object

When you have created effects on an object and want to create the same effects on a different type of object, use the Effects Tool.

Select the object that you want to copy then open the effects panel.

Click and drag the object effects icon (shown as fx) onto your new object.


  1. Customise Your Links Panel

The links panel shows you not only more information about your links but also the exact information that you wish to see.

Click the links panels flyout menu and then panel options.

Apply checkboxes to the information that you want to see and press on OK to apply changes.




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