CTO Customer Service Webinar – Handling Difficult People

Would you like to remain calm, defuse conflict, and keep your dignity, when handling difficult people and situations at work?


We all have difficult people in our lives, and many of us would prefer not to engage with them.  It could be a supervisor, a boss, a co-worker, a customer, or a spouse, but the fact is that difficult people and situations are part of our lives.


CTO Trainer - Candice Stein

In this Webinar, CTO Customer Service Expert, Candice Stein, will cover the top strategies for ensuring you and your team can handle these tough moments.


Learn about:

  • Identifying difficult people
  • Staying calm when handling difficult people
  • Leading difficult people to better outcomes
  • And more …


Webinar Bonus:

Learn what’s the WORST thing to do, when dealing with difficult people!