CTO Leadership Webinar – Understanding Behavioural Styles

Do you understand how your behavioural style can impact others, and your own performance as a leader?

In this weeks Webinar we will cover the value of observing others behaviours and using communication to create positive outcomes for your business.

Industry expert Jacky Hanan will help you understand:


  • how reflection on your own leadership style can enable you to achieve improved performance results from others


  • the value of observing others behaviours


  • how your own performance as a leader impacts others


Jacky is an experienced executive leader with over 25 years of experience in managing large teams and individuals through significant change and transformation.

Jacky has completed the Advanced Management Program with Harvard Business School, Boston, US, an MBA with RMIT and  the Marketing & Global Business program with Brest Business School, FR.

Webinar Bonus: Understand how adapting to behaviours can be a win-win for you and your colleagues. 

Join our Leadership Webinar on 19 May, to learn 3 essential behaviours that any great leader should have within their organisation!