CTO Leadership Webinar – Wellbeing Now


Are you feeling Anxious & Stressed about the future of your Business since COVID hit?

Since COVID struck there has been a worldwide increase in stress within Businesses, with many Business owners having difficulty handling emotions or more pressure at balancing work and home? It’s time to focus on your Wellbeing Now.

Wellbeing is such an important aspect of our lives, but often we are too busy surviving to spend time looking after ourselves.


In this Webinar, Wellbeing Expert Rob Hills will show you:

  • The importance of gauging your own wellbeing
  • Why getting outside is so vital for wellbeing
  • Mindfulness techniques you can start using today to improve your wellbeing


View this webinar now to learn practical strategies you can use to improve your Wellbeing Now

Webinar Bonus: A special offer on Rob’s book – The Guide to Mindful Leadership.