CTO Technology Webinar – Meetings in Microsoft Teams

CTO Webinar: How to run meetings in Microsoft Teams

CTO Technology Webinar – How to Schedule & Run Meetings in Microsoft Teams


Want to know how to stay connected with your Team during this crisis?

With online meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.

Teams gives new meaning to the word ‘efficiency’, with its streamlined interface allowing you to never miss a beat, and almost feel like you’re still at the office.

When you learn how to run your Teams meetings efficiently, you will ensure your organisation is staying ahead of the curve in these uncertain times!


In this CTO Technology Webinar, Microsoft Teams Expert, Rosy King, will show you how meetings in Teams can transform productivity and increase team engagement.
  • Why you should use Teams, not Zoom
  • How to organise a quick meeting on the fly with both internal and external attendees
  • The most effective way to set up scheduled meetings to ensure engagement


Webinar Bonus
Learn how to set up a really cool background, instead of showing off the spare bedroom at home 😊
It’s difficult for all of us at the moment, however, we still need to be professional.