CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft OneDrive

Do you need shared file storage, easy access to the cloud & an excellent backup solution in your Business?

Microsoft OneDrive is Microsoft’s coveted online storage service for hosting files in the cloud. OneDrive offers a simple way to store, sync and share your files across your organisation.

Why use OneDrive over other cloud services?

  • Fast access from any device, including your phone.
  • Backs up your files automatically to keep them safe even if your hard drive fails (or when you drop your phone one too many times)
  • OneDrive comes with 5GB of free storage, and up to 1 TB for each user is included in the Office 365 Essential’s package for Businesses

And, of course, OneDrive is seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft Office 365 programs.


CTO Trainer - Gordana


In this Webinar, CTO Technology Expert Gordana Marinkovic will show you how to get started using OneDrive, and the top tips for getting the most out of it!

Webinar Bonus: Learn how to sync your files with OneDrive automatically!




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