CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft OneNote

CTO Technology Webinar - Microsoft OneNote

CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft OneNote


Why should you be using OneNote?

The more you learn about OneNote, the more likely you are to embrace it.

Often described as the swiss-army knife of note-taking, OneNote is versatile and adapts to your note taking preferences, allowing you to organise your digital notebooks in ways that make sense to you.

OneNote is designed to be the ultimate in digital note-taking, and gives you a very broad canvas to work on.  You can use it for sharing and presenting content, instant and real-time collaboration and streamlined note taking.

It’s true value, however, is being able to retrieve your information whenever you need it, no matter where you are.


Join our Technology Webinar on 7 May, to learn 3 great reasons your business should be taking advantage of OneNote – the ultimate in digital note taking!


In this CTO Technology Webinar, Microsoft OneNote Expert, Rob Howarth, will demonstrate how OneNote can transform your productivity.
  • See OneNote in action, recording ideas and information on the go
  • Learn how OneNote enables collaboration in real-time
  • Discover how OneNote can work with other Office 365 programs

Webinar Bonus
Learn how OneNote will help you organise your work, even if your’e not very tech savvy.

CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft OneNote