CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft Yammer


CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft Yammer

Want to find out why 85% of Fortune 500 Companies are using Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer is the Social Enterprise Network of the 21st century, providing a game-changing platform for your organisation’s community.

Yammer provides a distinct way to connect your entire network of staff – while being informal enough to allow for enjoyable and engaging communication.

In this Webinar, our CTO Technology Expert will show you:

  • Why top companies are all on Yammer
  • How Yammer is different to Teams
  • What Yammer could look like for YOUR business

And more!

Webinar Bonus:

Learn how Yammer can make your Organisation fun!

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You’ll learn the basics and understand why your organisation should be using Yammer as part of your modern workplace solution.