CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Webinar


CTO Technology Webinar – Microsoft Power BI

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Power BI – in Ten Minutes!

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a cutting edge Data Analytics tool designed to bridge the gap between data and decision making.

It aims to create amazing data experiences by allowing users to easily connect to, model & visualise data in ways that are personalised to your Organisations needs.


In this Webinar, Technology Expert Gill Walker will show you:

  • What is Microsoft Power BI?
  • Why you should use Power BI compared to other data analytics tools
  • The anatomy of Power BI

Learn the basics and how YOU should be taking advantage of Power BI in CTO’s Technology Webinar on June 11.

Webinar Bonus: Learn how to view an extensive range of data through Power BI interactive reports and dashboards.