CTO Technology Webinar – The Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace

To Win in the Marketplace You must First Win in the Workplace

It’s no secret that todays workplace is ruled by technology that seems to evolve far to fast to keep up with!  Being efficient means being advanced at using every tool available to you, but there are so many tools that it sometimes feels overwhelming!

This Technology Webinar will be presented by our Special GuestJon Barrett, from Microsoft.  

As Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Expert, Jon will guide us through the ins and outs of todays Modern Workplace.

In this short presentation you will learn:

  • How Microsoft 365 powers the Modern Workplace with one bundle of products
  • The right digital tools to connect and support your team
  • Seamlessly integrated productivity apps including Microsoft Teams & Outlook

And of course how YOU can stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of today’s workplace.

Webinar Bonus:

Learn what Your Modern Workplace can look like!

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