CTO Training Tip – Quality Customer Service

What does Quality Customer Service Mean?


CTO Quality Customer Service Training


In your organisation, what does quality customer service mean?

Does it mean …

  • Customers are 100% satisfied
  • There are few customer complaints going up the ladder to management
  • A consistent, professional effort is made throughout your organisation to satisfy customers


The last item sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


If your group or organisation doesn’t have a stated customer service objective, perhaps it’s time to create one.

The objective should be quantified, whenever possible.


Examples of specific and quantified objectives, that could be set within your organisation, include:


  • Meet 100% of customer timeframes
  • Answer all customer inquiries within two days
  • Develop ten sales leads per day
  • Manage 80% of all customer requests from within our unit
  • Refer less than 10% of customer requests to tech support


Your customers can be called many things –  customers, clients, members, co-workers, associates.

However, regardless of who your customers are, remember that setting an objective to provide quality customer service to them, is a requirement.



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