CTO Leadership Webinar – Navigating Chaos

Business Woman Navigating Chaos in the Workplace


CTO Leadership Webinar – Navigating Chaos


Every organisation – multinational, corporate, professional practice or family unit – is right now undergoing continual and dramatic change.

For a few, it could be easy and comfortable.

For most, it definitely is not.

And unless it’s handled well and responded to positively, it can quickly become dysfunctional and very destructive.


Our challenge is not just to navigate the chaos, but to work with it, to learn and maintain some stability at quantum speed!   To learn to tapdance on a moving ice rink!


Chaos is transformative. That’s its actual purpose and real value.


Join us on our Wednesday morning webinar, where CTO presenter Catherine will share:

– The Path of Least Resistance – Self-mastery in action

– The 4 Noble Truths for wisdom and peace

– The 5 Chaos Crunchers to help you through this time


She will leave you encouraged and confident to move forward with strength.


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CTO Leadership Webinar – Navigating Chaos

Held: Wednesday 15 April, 2020

Duration: 15 minutes