How to Create a Win-Win Sales Process

How to Create a Win-Win Sales Process to Prospect, Qualify & Complete


By: Corporate Training Options, Australia

Irrespective of the type of sales processes you have, at their core your sales processes should consist of these five steps.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Connecting and qualifying
  3. Showing that your product or service is invaluable
  4. Presenting and addressing any doubts
  5. Closing the sale – you win & your client wins


Win-Win Selling with CTO

Create a Win-Win Sales Process with CTO Sales Training Courses

Having a great sales system in place also gives you other great flow on benefits too.

These include customer satisfaction and retention, happier staff, the ability to explore and implement new product lines, and more.

Having a sales process that is unique to your business will see your company run more efficiently and grow and prosper at a faster pace.

Using the following steps for your sales process will help you to create a great sales system that is easy to follow.


  1. Prospecting

Prospecting is the method of research both on and off-line to find clients your products or services are for.

Prospecting is a crucial stage of the sales process – you need to know where to research and what to search for.

We recommend creating profiles for your existing customers. Who are your best customers? What are their ages? Where are they located? How did they find you? Consider the best marketing tactics for these customers.

Each business is different too. A Facebook campaign may be a great form of prospecting for new computer hardware products, however, it will be less effective for informing business clients about online coaching.

So consider your services and who your clients are and what they want before deciding on how you will market them.


  1. Connect & qualify enquiries and customers

Before you start your phone or online campaign, make sure that you are pitching to the right person. Are you talking to the decision maker of the household or business? Are they your ideal client? Do they have the budget to purchase your product or service and so on? Do they need your product? Will it benefit them? Do they have any other limitations that you need to know of?

The best method of qualifying [potential customers is to do your research and create a customer qualifying sheet that lists questions you need to ask to ascertain whether this person or company will benefit from using your products and services and whether they are the right customer for you.


  1. Show that Your Product or Service is Valuable

The next step is your sales presentation. The presentation needs to show a clear solution to your customer’s problem. Researching and preparing your presentation is a key sales process. This may be done in person, by phone, over skype or via email. Ensure that this step of the process shows your potential customers what is it in for them, how they will benefit and what the results may be if they do not do anything.


  1. Address Any Doubts

People who call or enquire about your products or services in most cases are sure not to know anything about your business. This is why you need to know your products and services and be prepared to answer any questions that do arise professionally and confidently.

Listen carefully to their concerns and address them. Remind them of how your product or service may benefit. It may be a cost or time saving benefit or new technology to improve their production or performance. Listening to your customers will not only help you to convert more leads into sales, it will give you more information about your customer’s problems and needs so you can use this information to streamline and update your lead generation marketing, qualifying and future sales processes.


  1. Negotiating an Agreement

Closing the sale is a vital part of the sales process. No matter how good your sales presentation and your rapport with the customer, you need to ask for the sale.

People skills and building rapport is paramount here – show empathy for a problem and provide a solution to it.

Also, ensure all of the customer’s questions have been answered before you close the sale. Different methods of closing work for different salespeople.

Having a time restricted offer can also greatly improve your closing rates.

The sales closing process should never be aggressive, and your customer should always feel comfortable. You may wish to reiterate the product guarantee or after sales service for instance.



Creating and developing a sales process that creates quality leads, qualifies enquiries, answers customers questions and that shows your product or service is the right solution for them takes time and energy.

However it is time and energy well spent that no business big or small should operate without.

At Corporate Training Options we work with you to design a sales process for your organisation that will see you increase sales and create greater profit margins for your business. We work on the skills of prospecting, qualifying and completing sales to improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction rate.


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