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Build your Brand with CTO Telephone Skills Training

Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills are essential for staff who assist customers on the phone.  

You and your organisation will benefit when you learn to extend simple courtesy, use excellent phone manners, listen effectively and provide top level customer service when assisting customers over the phone. 


Kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive customer service experience.

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Phone calls are an instant form of communication that most customers can access, and still hold a lot of value. But, if you don’t have the right training in how to manage customer calls, you could cause more harm than good. 

With that in mind, here are 4 different ways you can learn the benefits of telephone courtesy and customer service training.

To learn more about the training available on this topic from CTO, visit the course page –  Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills training.



Four Great Ways your Business can Benefit by extending simple Courtesy and excellent Customer Service over the phone



1. Consistency secures brand loyalty

When you want your customers to remain loyal to your brand and services, you need to deliver a consistent service. If you do this, your customers will learn that they can expect the same experience each time they call you.  This builds trust, loyalty and customer satisfaction in spades.

Telephone Courtesy Training with CTO

However, if they encounter different experiences with each operative, your organisation appears inefficient, disjointed and disorganised. 

The aim of telephone courtesy and customer service training is to ensure each person delivers the same approach, using common processes and language.

When your customers know what to expect during a phone call to your business, they’ll be happy to keep calling, and to continue doing business with you. 

Creating consistency also makes the process less confusing and more enjoyable for your team. It allows your business to brand your interaction of excellent service with your customers, and your staff to work more effectively on the phone.

2. Professionalism makes each call more effective

When your customer calls you, they have a goal in mind. You can help them reach that goal by learning professional telephone skills, such as:

  • the best ways to answer the phone
  • learning how to address your caller
  • practicing effective listening
  • answering questions succinctly
  • managing messages
  • bringing the conversation to a satisfactory close

The best telephone training gives employees the skills required to identify what customers need and how to meet their expectations. 

As a result, each person who calls you is more likely to finish their call with a great feeling about your organisation.


One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone is happy because of you.


3. Managing different customer styles becomes easier

Smile on the phone - customers can hear it in your voice

Did you know that there are lots of different customer behaviour styles?  Although each person will have unique traits, you can often group them into particular styles. 

For example, while an emotive customer may provide lots of detail and go off track during the conversation, someone who’s more direct will try to take control of the situation. 

When you have telephone skills and customer service training, you’ll learn how to deal with each different type of caller and direct the interaction accordingly.  

You’ll understand how to:

  • ask questions
  • negotiate with different types of customers
  • make follow up calls
  • deliver bad news
  • avoid statements that give the wrong impression
  • manage various customer behaviour styles

4. Creating a positive attitude is key to Success

Finally, there’s no denying that staying positive isn’t always easy in business. This becomes even more challenging if you’re managing complaints and queries over the phone. 

However, with the right training, maintaining a positive mindset becomes achievable. 

Positivity is infectious and makes it easier for employees to thrive, empowering them to acquire skills that allow their careers to progress.  

Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills training will teach you how to create a personal action plan, to help you develop a more positive attitude. This is important, because your attitude is one of the keys to your success.

In Summary

Telephone Courtesy & Etiquette Training with CTO

Having a good understanding of Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills is essential for customer service staff.  If you are properly trained and can demonstrate professional customer service skills, this can greatly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to your organisation.

There’s no denying that telephone courtesy & customer service skills are essential in all workplaces, so work on them every day, to constantly improve and get better at what you do. 

And of course, if you are properly trained and can demonstrate professional telephone courtesy skills, this will greatly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Learn more about the course

If you want your business and workplace to thrive, getting the right training is fundamental.  Corporate Training Options can train your staff to provide the best in customer service standards. 

The Benefits and Learning Outcomes you will achieve from the Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills course include you being able to: 

  • Define quality customer service
  • Employ nine basic, but important, telephone skills
  • Professionally manage complex customer telephone calls
  • Manage various customer behaviour styles on the telephone
  • Interpret customer wants and deliver positive customer service actions

For more information or to book your training, view the details of the course here.


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