Improve your Processes & Productivity with Microsoft Excel

Improve your Processes, Productivity & Presentations with Microsoft Excel

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Improve your productivity with Excel training


Feel a little anxious when you need to set up a new worksheet, create a graph or generate a report from Microsoft Excel?

These tasks and creating complex formulas and functions, working with macro’s and worksheets and extracting the information you need from Excel, are child’s play once you know how.


Let’s start with what Excel is

Microsoft Excel Intermediate level Training from CTOMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, used for storing, organising and manipulating data.

It allows you to format, organise, calculate and analyse all types of information and present it in different ways.

It’s part of the Microsoft Office suite and gives you the benefits of:

  • Creating accurate elegant worksheets to enhance productivity
  • Improving presentation and understanding of spreadsheet data
  • Saving you, your team and organisation a lot of time without cutting corners


So, what kind of skills and benefits will a level of experience in Microsoft Excel give you?


Faster data analysis, extraction, reporting and productivity

You will be able to analyse and extract large amounts of data quickly. While Excel has many benefits, one of the most powerful is being able to set up, format and create programs for the repetitive tasks and reports you need to conduct in your organisation.

By setting up your formulas and calculations in Excel for those repetitive reporting tasks or reports, you’ll free up your time.


Improve your Processes and Organise Data the way you want

Most of us know how to enter numbers in Excel and create basic formulas, but in today’s’ business world that’s not going to get you very far.

And let’s be honest. Sorting through mountains of data for the information you require for a specific purpose or report, then cutting and pasting that data and reformatting it into a new Excel worksheet because you don’t know how to organise and edit spreadsheets in Excel, is time consuming and frustrating.

Improve your skills in Excel, and you’ll be able to enter, organise, program, edit and sort the data the way you want your way.

And this is a BIG plus!  Imagine being able to organise your data better and extract only the information you want? You’ll reduce the wasted time, relieve the anxiety of setting up new worksheets, and be better able to deal with and analyse vast amounts of data. You’ll be able to present data faster and easily feature information as charts or graphs.


Reduce strain on other people and resources

Your knowledge is an asset for your organisation.  A cohesive and supportive work environment is crucial to any company, however, calling on fellow staff members for advice on how to do this or that in Excel is disruptive.

It also results in lost productivity for the person asking for the advice and the team member providing the information.

When you understand and can use Excel’s analysis tools, set up and program complex formulas, create new worksheets and edit existing ones, you’ll be reducing the strain on other people, departments and resources.


Retain employees, increase worth & reduce costs

As many of us in business know, replacing employees is time-intensive and costly. Most of us also know that happy employees who feel valued, are more productive and invested in their own goals and the success of the people and organisation they work for.

They have more pride in themselves and whom they serve.

From our decades of experience of teaching courses in Microsoft Excel, course attendees and their employers agree that training is a win-win for everyone.

Employers invest in their staff, which keeps their staff retention rates down, saving them time and money.

Their employees have an increased sense of worth because:

  • They are learning new skills
  • Their employee is investing in them and believes in them
  • Which results in them having pride in what they do and being more valuable to their employer


Adapt for the future with Excel

If you have any experience with Excel, there has probably been a time where you have set up a worksheet, and sometime later you needed to change it as circumstances have changed. Maybe you need to add a new field, add a new macro or edit the programming functions for your weekly reports or other repetitive tasks.

In today’s world, we all need to learn and have the skills to adapt quickly. This mindset and skillset also need to filter down to how we work.

Having an existing Excel worksheet and having to copy specific data from it, then copy and paste that data into a new spreadsheet and adding new fields, macros and functions based on the latest information is tedious, time-intensive and unproductive.

Yet, many still edit their Excel worksheets this way, when they do not have to.

When you know how to edit existing worksheets, use a range of features so you can collect, organise and present large amounts of data in charts and graphs, and have more accurate data using Microsoft Excel, you’ll save time, energy and money.

You’ll also increase productivity, and your reporting will be more accurate.



Improve your Processes with a Microsoft Excel Intermediate course

Continually expanding the skills available to your workforce is an important task, and a  Microsoft Excel course could be the perfect gateway to improving your organisation’s capabilities.

Many times, when working in spreadsheets, you may identify a problem but be unsure of the appropriate solution.

With assistance from Corporate Training Options, you and your team can enhance your Excel skills with ease.


The benefits of Intermediate Excel Training from Corporate Training Options are many.

  • You have the opportunity to develop the core skills and understanding of the software necessary to take full advantage of what Excel can enable you to accomplish.


  • You can create more elegant worksheets and will enhance productivity, improve presentability, and save time on urgent tasks without cutting corners. Even today, Excel is an industry leader for a reason: its versatility is virtually unmatched.


  • You also have the flexibility of receiving one-on-one training for a mission-critical team member, or large-scale training to develop better skills across a more significant part of your corporate workforce.


  • We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach to training, as we understand that different employees will have varying levels of skills. Not everyone will need the same training on the same subjects. Based on your specific needs, we adapt your Excel workshops to best suit your requirements.


  • Corporate Training Options offers on-site training courses at your workplace or online courses that fit in with your busy schedule in Microsoft Excel 365


  • Our flexibility extends beyond the necessary training coursework and into the delivery method, too. Rather than requiring off-site attendance at a training facility, we bring our training to you. On-site training has the distinct advantage of creating learning opportunities in the workplace where your trainees will apply their new skills.


What do our customers say?

Our CTO trainer was very clear and concise with his instructions and explained everything in Excel very well.  Thanks.

Luke, Accenture 


I was interested in learning efficiencies in Excel, and this course was Great!  It will save me hours and free me up to concentrate on other projects.

Adem, Corinthian Doors




I can't live without Excel

Improve your Excel skills with CTO Training

 Want to know more about our Excel Intermediate Course for you or your team?

The skills and knowledge acquired in the Microsoft Excel Intermediate course will enable you to expand your knowledge and learn how to create more productive workbooks. It covers formulas and function techniques, advanced formatting and charting features and data manipulation tools like goal seeking.

When you complete this course, you will have achieved several learning outcomes.

The course topics include:

  • Filling Data
  • Worksheet Techniques
  • Page Setup
  • Applying Borders
  • Essential Functions
  • Complex Formulas
  • Defined Names
  • Number formatting Techniques
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Goal Seeking
  • The Quick Analysis Tools
  • Worksheet Tables
  • Chart Elements
  • Chart Object Formatting


Ready to upgrade your skills with a Microsoft Excel – Intermediate online training courses?

 If you’re ready to upgrade your Excel skills to save time, money and energy on data formatting, analysis and presentation using Microsoft Excel, or you wish to tackle some new challenges, contact CTO today for friendly, professional advice.


And remember, Microsoft Office 365 is the most downloaded Business Software package in the entire world, and for good reason!


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