Need an Excuse to Get Some Training

Today I would like to discuss the reasons why training is good for your business.

Yes – training is something we all consider when we need to learn a new skill. In fact, I am attending a course this week myself. And with the rate of change in technology constantly increasing, there is always something new to learn.

So how is your investment in training for yourself and your team going to benefit your business?

Training is good for your business

Training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale.

The advantages to your business include:

·  you choose what new skills your workforce gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of your operation for now and in the future

·  training your staff can result in:

  • improved customer service
  • increased efficiency
  • less wasted time
  • lower levels of frustration
  • productivity improvements

· you demonstrate to your workforce that you value them enough to invest in them, improving loyalty and staff retention. In turn, staff retention is a cost saving for your business.

Take the hassle out of making decisions

– You can bundle courses together to suit your team’s requirements

– You can choose topics from a number of different courses, to build on your current skill levels and to meet your training requirements

– Your training can be presented on dates that suit you

– You don’t have to leave your office – we come to you

Training is good for your team

Training has many benefits for your staff:

· they acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem

· the training they do can take them into other positions within your organisation – positions with better prospects and/or better pay

· they’re upskilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and fresh

· because they’re being trained on your time, they see that you value them enough to invest in them. A good company is seen as one that retrains rather than churns.

So go ahead. Make their day, and ask your staff if there are training courses they would like to attend. And remember that CTO can assist you to put together an ongoing training schedule which both meets the needs of your team, and improves the bottom line of your business.

To find out more information on CTO’s range of training courses please give us a call on 1300 667 600.