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Learning new skills improves our lives, across all areas. As we gain knowledge, we have the ability to earn more and enjoy a more satisfying career.  We become more interesting people, as we make new connections between what we are learning, and the existing knowledge we already have. We improve our quality of life, our relationships, and our business, as we can adapt quickly to change and feel more confident in ourselves and our ability to take on new tasks.

And learning is fun. There are so many exciting courses available, providing us with a way to learn fascinating new skills and talents. It’s also a social activity, with online discussion forums available with our peers and expert instructors, where we can ask questions, reinforce our learning and get feedback.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  –  Nelson Mandela


What are the benefits of learning new skills?

Learning new skills enhances the quality of our life, providing us with knowledge when we need it and reducing stress.  It breaks us out of our usual patterns and changes our brain chemisty.  

As we learn, our learning speed increases and we gain confidence.  We are more able to tackle new tasks and our mental well being improves as we set new goals and targets. and then reach them.  This sense of achievement is an important part of feeling we are doing well.  Learning new skills also fights boredom and allows us to adapt better to change.

We learn to understand ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses.  To learn the art of life.  And to master the techniques of adjusting and accommodating to changes in our surroundings and life situations.

Why learning is so important for success

Learning new skills is really important for our future success.  It shows we have the drive and commitment to learn and apply new information, ideas and theories, to achieve a variety of tasks and goals.

Knowledge has allowed us to make amazing advances in science and technology.  As they say, knowledge is power and one of the important reasons to learn something new is we gain power when we do.  It makes us far more capable and it helps us get ahead in the workplace and in everyday life.  We can communicate our ideas more clearly, and reason and think for ourselves.

How can online training help us in the workplace?

CTO Online Business Training
CTO Online Business Training – Anytime, Anywhere



Learning new skills fortifies and rounds out the skills we need to excel in the workplace, improve our resumes and move to a better paying or more desired position.  Training allows us to keep on top of our industry and learn new skills that become necessary as technology progresses.

Learning new skills can also help us decide what we want to do with our life and makes us more confident when approaching a new role and interacting with other people.

Online training gives us the opportunity to learn basic business principles.  These days, it’s important that we have an understanding of how the entire organisation operates.  If we’re acquainted with the basic functions of all departments, we can be a better business leader, and a significantly more attractive candidate for new roles.

A willingness to learn is a compelling characteristic when putting ourselves forward for new positions.  We should always be taking steps to improve and gain new skills, stay on top of industry trends, and step outside our comfort zones.

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How can we learn new skills quickly?

We can learn new skills more quickly by interacting with the available information.  As well as completing an online course, we should also gather information from videos, blogs and podcasts.

Make learning more meaningful by connecting it to our own life and experiences, and seeing how it fits into our personal scheme of things.  Consider how can we put what we have learned into practice and use it to our advantage?  When we can do this, we will grasp new concepts much more quickly.

Learn by doing, and build new habits to enforce our skills. For instance, if we are learning Excel, build spreadsheets and practice with new formulas and functions, which will provide us with the data we need in our business or workplace.  Also, regularly compare our work with that of experts in our field.  We will then notice areas where we can improve.

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Spend time practicing things we find difficult, until they become easy, because in order to excel in a skill, we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Over time, we will achieve a higher level of efficiency in this skill.

Why is learning new things good for our brain?

Research suggests that continued cognitive activity has a positive effect on braincells and helps promote mental sharpness.  Learning new skills stimulates neurons in our brains, which forms more neural pathways and allows electrical impulses to travel faster across them.  This helps us learn better, and to learn things more quickly over time.  

Using our brains more allows us to find a way to work through frustrations and achieve competence.  Leaning new business or career skills is important for surviving and thriving in the workplace.  Learning new skills is essential for building the career or business you love.

Why knowledge is important in our life

Lifelong learning is important.  The voluntary decision to enrol in courses and learn new skills keeps us motivated, with the desire for more knowledge and self-improvement.

We need knowledge to be successful in life.  To grow in our careers, gaining as much knowledge as possible is important.  Knowledge allows us to shape our personality, improve our behaviour, deal with people and situations more easily. 

Which skills are important in 2019 and beyond?

Many of the skills we are learning today will be quite different from the skills we will need in as little as a decade.  Technology is changing our world so quickly, that new jobs and business opportunities are arising every day. 

Below are some of the skills which are highly desirable in 2019.  Who knows how these may change over the next 10 years, but they are certainly a starting point for today. 

Personal Skills

  • Thinking skills, for problem solving and decision making
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • A passion for learning
  • Good communication 
  • Self-management
  • A positive attitude
  • Curiosity and imagination

Professional Skills

  • Good business sense
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Initiative and Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence
  • Public Speaking
  • Willingness to learn
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Assessing and Analysing information

Technical Skills

  • Social Media literacy
  • Coding
  • Excel – one of the most desired skills in today’s workplace
  • Web development
  • Business Writing & copywriting
  • Project Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Data analysis


Our quest for knowledge doesn’t have to end when we finish school or university.  Education can be a part of our adult lives too and we can reap the professional and person benefits of lifelong learning.  It’s never too late to start.  Making ongoing learning and development a part of our lives is vital for all of us, keeping us motivated and interested in the world we live in.  


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