Powerful Productivity with SharePoint

You can have powerful productivity with SharePoint tools at your fingertips.  Here’s how to use Microsoft SharePoint to your Best Advantage

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More than 200,000 organisations and 190 million people worldwide have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management. Why you may ask?

Microsoft Sharepoint is web-based intranet software that has purposely been designed to increase the efficiency of your organisation, as well as dramatically improve teams’ collaboration and innovation.

It helps to improve your company’s processes by reorganising the administration of – and access to – data. The software is unique because it gives users access to versioning and check-in and checkout functions – with everything in one place.

And, for added convenience, it can be configured to run Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites.

SharePoint Productivity

So, could your organisation’s internal communication be more efficient?

Do you want powerful productivity with SharePoint when working on projects?

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Here are the areas where you can realise powerful productivity with SharePoint.


Integrated with Office 365

SharePoint integrates with Office 365, providing you with  effective document management capacity. It makes your work processes more efficient and saves you time. This impacts your business’s bottom line.

Version Tracking

One of Microsoft SharePoint’s key features is that it tracks versions of your documents. There is a lot of information available about each file – when team members look at it, they see its entire history. Version tracking makes the whole process of reading, writing and managing files and projects easier.

SharePoint enables Staff Collaboration and Communication

Are you finding it difficult and time consuming to collaborate with team members on projects?  SharePoint allows you to share and manage content, knowledge and information quickly. It’s much more effective than emailing where documents can become lost, or emails remain unread. Any messages between your staff are merely posted on SharePoint – everyone has instant access.

SharePoint is designed around getting your staff members to work from a central point in a team environment. This is great in all types of organisations, especially where there are multiple branches and team members working offsite.

While some of your people may only interact with other staff sporadically, and others continuously work together, SharePoint has one central meeting point where everyone can collaborate.


SharePoint Group

Great for Editors

Microsoft SharePoint is ideal for editors. You can see all versions of documents and reports run in relation to the documents. You can see a history of the document and edit it as needed – looking at multiple versions if appropriate.


Ease of Use

With proper training, even your non-technical people can administer, change and update SharePoint. It’s a simple and easy to use point and click system.

Designed for Efficiency

SharePoint has been designed with efficiency in mind. Using the program, your staff can set up websites to share information with other team members, manage documents from start to finish and share reports.  This allows your managers to make better decisions regarding your projects.  SharePoint allows you to transform your business processes, using  libraries and lists, and apps such as Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

Ideal for staff in all Departments

Microsoft Sharepoint is designed for to be used by your staff in every area of your organisation. It provides dynamic team sites for every project team, division or department.  You can share files, data, resources and news effortlessly and securely.  You can work with others both inside and outside your organisation, across Macs, PC’s or mobile devices.


In Summary

SharePoint is excellent if you are working on projects where information needs to be continuously shared.  Sites for your team are managed, reports created, and documents accessed from one central spot.  SharePoint increases the efficiency within your organisation, as well as dramatically improve teams’ collaboration and innovation.

So, are you and your team making the most of this powerful productivity tool?



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