Tips to take Positive Action during Isolation

Here’s some tips on how to take positive action during isolation

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All of us need some tips to take positive action during isolation, because for the time being, life as we know it has completely changed.

Our borders are closed, sporting events are cancelled, and many businesses are shut down.

But with all the bad news, there may be an opportunity for you to do something positive, if you’re able to shift your mindset and take action during isolation.

So, let’s look at this from a different angle.

This threat is very real, and quite scary for us all.  These tips are not meant to make light of the millions of people who will be negatively affected by this.

But at the same time, right now, the only thing you have control of when staying indoors and working from home, is your attitude about it.

Many of us will find this new situation difficult, and if you’re feeling angry or frustrated about it, I hope these tips will help.


Tips to take Positive Action during Isolation

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It seems inevitable that we will have to stay indoors for weeks or perhaps months, while we try to stop this pandemic.  Many of us will be working from home, when we’ve never had to before.  Unfortunately, many more of us will be at home because we’re not working.

In these difficult times, you may be frustrated, angry and frightened.  But what you do over the next few weeks and months, could have an affect on your life for a long time to come.




You could make long-term changes to your life

Let’s say you’re forced to stay at home and wait it out.  Yes, you could spend weeks in front of the TV watching Netflix, or on the PC improving your gaming skills.

Or instead, you could think seriously about taking this opportunity to make some long-term changes to your life.  This is your chance to do all of those things you’ve never had time for.

If you’re working from home, but business is quiet due to the shutdown, why not take some time to improve your professional skills.

Maybe you’re at home because you don’t have any work, due to a business temporarily closing, or being laid off.  Now is the time you could upskill, so you become even more valuable to your employer when work begins again.

Or if you simply want to improve your life and you now have some spare time to do it, why not tick some of those items off your “One day I’ll do that” List.


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This is your chance to do all of those things you’ve always wanted to.  So, it’s time to shift your mindset and stop making excuses.

Yes, this whole situation is difficult, and terribly sad for so many people.  However, there’s very little any of us can do about it.  But what we can do is try to make something good come out of such a bad situation.  We can plan to make the most of being at home.


What does our future look like?

CTO tips for positive action while working from home

We don’t know what the future holds.  We don’t know when we’ll go back to work, or go on holidays again, or have a birthday party with friends and family.

But you do know that there are things you can control.

You can remain calm.  You can stay positive.

And if you put your mind to it, and learn some new skills, at the end of this crisis, you may come away with:

  • A clean and tidy house
  • New blog content ready to post
  • Improved health and fitness
  • Money skills to set you up for life
  • A better understanding of your Microsoft Office software
  • You may have even started your own business


What is happening to us all is very serious. But let’s make the most of a bad situation. Stay positive, learn new skills and gain control of new areas of your life.


Take care of you and yours.   Stay Positive.   Keep Smiling 🙂



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