The Benefits of Power BI

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What are the benefits of Power BI for your business?

Business never sleeps. It never takes time off, nor slows down.

Therefore, part of your competitive advantage lies in getting the latest and most essential information instantly.  You can then analyse it and use it to make informed decisions quickly and flexibly.

For these reasons, you need the Power BI app from Microsoft as an essential part of your workplace toolkit.

Power BI does much more than provide up-to-date, raw and unrefined business information. Business leaders from CEOs of global corporations to owners of family-run small businesses will benefit from this app in a variety of ways.


What is Power BI?

Power BI from MicrosoftMicrosoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence product.  It’s a cloud based business analytics tool, which you can use to view an extensive range of data through interactive reports and dashboards.

With Power BI you can visualise, analyse and share data at a much faster and more efficient rate, allowing you to discover insights into your organisation and your industry, and to forecast trends.

Power BI provides near real time analytics at any point and you can distribute business intelligence (BI) across your organisation, working both in the office or on mobile devices.

With Power BI, you can collaborate with your team to gather useful business information and easily turn data centered reports into live dashboards with the help of cloud services

If your organisation is looking to gain a better insight into your business, competition, and customers, while keeping pace with constantly changing market conditions, Power BI is a great business intelligence solution.


How does it work?

Power BI is used to find insights within your organisation’s data.  It lets you:

  • Import data into your interface from various sources
  • Integrate and connect to various platforms
  • Transform and clean your data to provide data visualisation, making your information more understandable
  • Use your data models to analyse your data, to find patterns and help you make business decisions
  • Ask questions of your data, to get instant answers in layman’s terms


The Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Power BI onsite or elsewherePower BI can provide executive dashboards for your managers, giving them more insight into how departments are doing.  You can use it to create reports and forecasts to aid sales and marketing reps, or provide data for team leaders on how individual employees are progressing toward their goals.

There is a portal for administrators, to help configure the implementation of Power BI, as well as monitor usage and licenses.

And one of best things about Power BI is the ease with which any individual can do these things.


Making critical and informed decisions about your business requires more than just information.  You need business intelligence. 

Power BI data analysisThe Power BI app from Microsoft  provides business information and insights on what you need, when you need it.  It connects you with data organised by category, presented with appealing and interactive visual aids.

Your Power BI app keeps you connected to members of your team and others. It can share published reports, enhance collaboration, and help you share insights, while promoting better communication.

With your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you have access toPower BI’s business intelligence and communications tools, wherever you are.


How can you Learn to use this Essential Business Tool

While the Microsoft Power BI app has earned praise for its ease of use, taking professional courses will allow your team to get the most out of the app – and maximise the benefit for your business.


Want to Learn More about the Microsoft Power BI App?

Taking a course in Power BI is the best way to learn its qualities quickly.

Corporate Training Options’ Microsoft Power Bi course is perfect.

You and your team can learn from experts and quickly discover the value of this vital product – the best intelligence possible to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Our Microsoft Power Bi courses provide important usage information, useful tools and clever tricks, as well as answers and ideas on your real-life questions from those who know best.




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