The Benefits of Using the BEST Selling System

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The Best Sales System
Increase Profits, Customer Service & Team Performance With The Best Selling System

Having selling systems in business that fail to qualify and convert a large percentage of leads, is costly and frustrating.

It can result in inconsistent results, excessive customer complaints and even high staff turnover, costing you more time and money.

Ineffective selling systems also halt your business growth, hurt your profit margins, the long-term future of your business and even your customers.

You’re not alone either.

These are just some of the warning signs which organisations with little or no sales systems in place can suffer.


Well, the Best selling systems are simple, powerful and effective, and based on our decades of experience providing selling systems training, they work!

So what are the four key areas holding organisations back from regular sales systems training?

  1. Some businesses feel they do not need sales training
  2. Others think it takes a lot of time and resources, which is not true
  3. Some think that because they’re only a small business they don’t need sales selling systems or training
  4. And another percentage want to implement or improve their sales team system training, but they don’t know how to plan, create, action and introduce it into their business, culture and employees proactively.


One thing is clear.

A business without sales training systems in place will be more disorganised, will be wasting money, will have inconsistent results, will be less productive and will be leaving a chunk of their potential profits and sales on the table.


So how do you solve this problem?

Well, successful sales skills is a talent some people possess naturally. For everyone else, it requires the right combination of skill, training and determination to get the job done. Whether by nature or nurture, high-calibre companies and their sales professionals understand the value in honing their skills. Using a tailored sales training program such as our BEST Selling System is beneficial to every member of the sales team and the organisation.

Our selling system training course sets sales teams on the right path. It empowers employees to develop their skillsets and sparks discussion, provokes thought, and inspires self-reflection.

You can also download a FREE PDF about our Best Selling System training course here.


What are some of the benefits of using a Selling System to improve your sales team’s performance?

1. Exceptional increase in Sales

When you are a sales professional, it only makes sense that you would want to increase your ability to close deals. Sales training provides access to effective and efficient sales strategies that work with your style. With the BEST Selling System training course, employees will learn how to identify and capitalise on individual sales skills that result in a notable sales increase.


2. Enhances your questioning and listening skills

Salespeople must possess strong communication skills to succeed. Communicating involves more than just the ability to talk to a prospective client. The best salespeople understand the value in listening and offering meaningful questions in response to information gleaned from the potential customer. Our system focuses on using a customer-centric sales approach that helps win new business.


3. Conquers customer concerns and objections

Responding quickly to customer concerns or complaints is one of the best ways to foster a long-term relationship. Listening with a compassionate ear and offering real solutions to problems lets customers know they are more than just sales figures in a monthly profit report. Our course provides an overview of how to establish rapport and build trust with customers effectively.


Macintosh HD:Users:eddiebryant:Desktop:Eddie Oct 2020:2020 Single Projects:November:CTO blog 1:Image of two asian woman, two aussie woman and one guy in call centre on corporate training options blog.jpeg4. Identifies and confirms individual buying motives

The ability to analyse and establish personal buying motives is a crucial component of converting potential leads into successful sales. Our course enables employees to identify a customer’s “pain point” to help close the deal.

Do they have economic motives? Are they time-poor? Are they driven by pride or prestige, or are they interested in playing it safe with their purchases?

Once you can identify the buyer’s motives, you can tailor your approach to meet your client’s needs and therefore complete the sale.


5. Improves employee retention rates

Sales are one of the highest-pressure work environments. Giving your sales team support is the best way to retain talented employees. The BEST Selling System provides top-notch training that bolsters sales teams’ confidence and ability to do the job well.


Do you have sales systems in place to ensure your Sales Team’s skills are improving every day?

Every company has different goals and objectives, which is why the BEST Selling System is customised to meet your individual needs. At CTO, one of Australia’s premier training organisations, our system includes training experiences that engage and fuel active participation. We use a sales-driven approach and provide successful buyer support.

Most of us have gaps in knowledge, blind spots, or other shortcomings that prevent us from being the best we can be.  With webinars, online and in-house sales system training our 30 year’s experience can deliver business skills for your organisations when you desire growth, progress & staff development.

Our Best Selling System training is simple, powerful and proven effective. It’s also been developed for high achieving clients and has never failed to bring about exceptional increases in sales performance in teams from widely varying industries and marketplaces.


Customised for each group, your training includes:

  • The benefits of using a sales ‘system’ to ensure sound self-management and consistent success
  • The BEST Selling System – the process and the principles of successful buyer support
  • Relationship-building skills to support trust and rapport development
  • Understanding and relating to different behavioural styles
  • Professional questioning and listening skills
  • Identifying and confirming individual buying motives and ‘value drivers’
  • Establishing customer goals, expectations and ideal outcomes
  • Specific value-driven strategies for a price-driven marketplace
  • Developing relevant, meaningful specific customer benefits
  • Negotiating customer concerns and objections
  • Closing without pressure


Want to know more about creating your own Best Selling System?


When building and improving a Sales Team, It’s essential to have a partner who can pinpoint the training you need and how best to deliver it.

Corporate Training Options understands that your business results hinge upon how successfully your teams perform. Our team of more than 200 professional facilitators can interpret the specific needs of your organisation, and how to train your people successfully, to achieve the changes you need to see.

As one of Australia’s premier training organisations, CTO works with over 7,000 clients around Australia. We present training experiences that engage both large and small groups and fuel active participation and motivation, right through to assessment and recall.

If you’re ready for your team to perform better, and prepare them for positions of greater responsibility, Corporate Training Options can offer friendly, professional advice. We’ll discuss your needs, and tailor your training to suit your requirements.


Contact our team of specialists today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and to learn how the BEST Selling System can work for you.


Why Choose Corporate Training Options?

  • Your Trainers are certified experts who are real-world practitioners
  • The courses are interactive, well organised and fun – making it easier for you to learn
  • Small classes mean every trainee will receive individual attention and can be confident about the skills they will gain
  • Our complimentary trainer consultation before your training ensures your objectives will be met
  • CTO is a Business Excellence Award-winning company


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