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Microsoft Office 365 cloud software provides productivity and communication applications essential to any team and modern organization. These applications are the benchmark of software essentials, providing you with the tools you need for effective collaboration and communication.


The Benefits of working with Office 365

With 83% of organisations worldwide using Office applications, Microsoft Office 365 is an essential tool for workplaces and teams.  It helps you in a variety of ways, including. 

  • Increase productivity, by being able to manage daily tasks faster and easier
  • Improve communication, when you connect with team members and clients through teamwork apps
  • Streamline your business functions irrespective of the size and number of employee’s your organisation has
  • Access and use applications from any device – PC, tablet, mobile phone
  • Easy to set up, with access to support as required
  • Helps protect your intellectual property, data and business operations, with Microsoft security
  • And much more


Increase Productivity with Office 365

Office 365 improves Productivity

The ultimate question is, can you do your job more easily using Office 365.  The answer is yes, because Microsoft is invested in making your experience when using Office 365 easy and simple.  If you haven’t moved to Office 365 yet, you should certainly consider the upgrade.


CTO runs Office 365 Introduction courses at your workplace, on dates that suit you.  You can see the course outline here – Introduction to Microsoft 365 Office


What’s now available in Office 365?

Microsoft Office comes in a variety of flavours. The Microsoft Office 365 suite contains all the applications we are familiar with, plus new services that make teamwork more streamlined and easier to track and manage.

There’s all our favourites – Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Plus Microsoft Office 365 includes: –


Manage your warehouse with Office 365


A digital notebook that can be shared across different devices and users.  You can get organised and sort your content across notebooks, sections and pages.  You can also revise your notes with type, highlighting or ink annotations.  Mix your media by recording audio notes, inserting online videos and adding files.


OneDrive allows you to store your files securely, and you can then access them from any device on the Internet.  Also, OneDrive provides you with 1TB of storage in the cloud.

This was a lifesaver for me recently, after my laptop failed and I had to get a replacement.  With all my essential files stored on OneDrive, I was able to:

  • set up my new computer
  • log into my Microsoft account and delete Office 365 from my old laptop
  • download Office 365 to my new laptop
  • download OneDrive to my desktop, and bingo – all my files appeared

SharePoint encourages teamwork with dynamic sites where you can share files, data, news and resources.   It’s used to host intranet websites for organisations. Permissions for each page can be changed, allowing private pages for separate divisions of your business.


Exchange handles your email management with business class email and calendaring.  It allows you to automatically capture events from your emails such as flights and hotel bookings, and adapts to your work style over time.

 Manage your calendars in OutlookMicrosoft Teams

A workspace that gives you the ability to chat, share files, assign tasks, see calendars and run online meetings and video calls.  Microsoft Teams is the way of the future for teamwork. If you already have Office 365, it’s included.  So download it today and take a look.


Office 365 Business Premium

You also have the option of choosing Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, which offers even more applications and services.  These include apps such as:

Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager is part of Office 365 Business Premium.  You can use this tool to track customer contacts and manage relationships in Outlook.  With Customer Manager you can view customer details, the history of their transactions with you, and check on current and pending tasks

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner allows you to streamline your teamwork.  Easily create new project plans, organise and assign tasks and share files when you need to.  Once tasks are assigned to you, you will receive an email notification, and daily notifications of the tasks that still need to be completed.  Microsoft Planner allows you to easily keep your team updated on your progress.

Skype for Business

A video-conferencing application that allows you to conduct meetings on the go and from any location.  Please note that this app will be phased out by the end of July 2021, and the technology will be integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Flow

This tool allows you to automate workflows and tasks across several different applications.  Flow modernises business processes through digital automation and allows all users across an organisation to easily create digital business process flows.


What’s the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365 for Business?  And which one is best for you?

Microsoft Office 365 for Business is available in a number of different versions.  These versions are available for PC, Mac and mobile devices, and all include the standard Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access (PC only)

Office 2019 stores the applications on the desktop and they are only accessible on the device they are installed on. You do not have access to files on the go.  Plus, with Microsoft Office 2019 on the desktop, you will need to buy a new version of the software when you are next ready to upgrade.

Office 365 provides extra applications (Outlook, OneNote, Exchange and OneDrive) as well as cloud storage and access. This means the applications, and your files, can be accessed on any internet-connected device.

Because of Office 365’s cloud structure, applications are also regularly updated, at no extra cost. Version updates of the application are simply downloaded to your computer.

Office 365 is offered as a subscription service, with fees charged per user, depending on the size of your organisation.


 Office 365 Business includes the Office apps, plus the Services: OneDrive.

This version is best for organisations which want Office apps plus cloud storage and sharing across devices.  Business email is not included.

Office 365 Business Premium includes the Office apps, plus the Services: One Drive, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams.

Best for organisations that need Office apps, business email and other business services across devices.

Office 365 Business Essentials includes the Office apps as web and mobile versions only, plus the Services: One Drive, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams.

Best for mobile businesses, as desktop versions of the Office apps are not included.


Transform your Business Processes 

The tools in Microsoft Office 365 allow you to increase productivity by transforming your systems and processes.  It allows you to easily complete tasks that are simple and straight forward, right through to complex organisational workflows.

With access to apps like SharePoint, with its lists and libraries; Microsoft Flow to automate workflow; and Microsoft Teams to chat, share files, assign tasks, see calendars and run online meetings and video calls, Office 365 is the way of the future for teamwork.



Learn more about the course

The Introduction to Microsoft Office 365  course from CTO will teach you the functions of Microsoft 365, plus some great tips and shortcuts.  The topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Office 365
  • Getting Started in Office 365
  • Starting with Mail
  • Navigating the Calendar
  • Working with People and Contacts
  • Understanding Groups and Engaging Teams in Communication
  • Understanding the Newsfeed and Managing Posts
  • OneDrive for Business – how to Store and Access your Files
  • Understanding Office Online & the Backstage View
  • Working with Mail
  • Your Mail Options Screen
  • Setting up Automatic Mail Replies, Rules & Signatures


To see all the skills you and your team members will acquire, here is the full course outline for the Corporate Training Options course – Introduction to Microsoft 365 Office




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