Why Teams with Microsoft Office 365 have the Advantage

Want to know why teams with Microsoft Office 365 have the Advantage in the workplace?

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Why do teams with Microsoft Office 365 for Business have the advantage?


In Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft has made changes to its flagship products Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, making them more interactive and easier to use than previous versions.  But it’s the other tools available in the online version of Microsoft Office that really give you the advantage.

Organisations who have implemented Microsoft Office 365 for Business into their workplace will understand the ways it can improve productivity for them.


So how exactly are they gaining the advantage?


Collaborate, operate & communicate faster

After implementing Microsoft Office 365 for Business your internal staff, those in remote locations and teams out on the road are able to collaborate, operate and communicate faster with each other than ever before.

They can chat online and access the files and Office programs they need from any device.

They can also use OneDrive for business, to store and access their files correctly, contribute to Yammer and Groups and work productively in many other ways with Office 365 Online.

By understanding and training to use these Office 365 applications and functions correctly, organisations and their team members are saving massive amounts of time and money, irrespective of where they are.

So here’s a quick look at why your teams with Microsoft Office 365 for Business have the advantage of these and many other Office 365 features.


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Add 30 Minutes of productivity per day

With tools such as Yammer and Delve, Office 365 is brilliant.  Yammer is a social networking service, designed to help employees connect and communicate quickly with posts and messages.  Office Delve lets users search for and discover content across Office 365 based on personalised insights.

It is estimated that on average companies who have had Office 365 training and now have a good understanding of the tools available,  are saving approximately 30 minutes a day in productivity per user.

Over 12-months that’s a massive boost to your organisation’s productivity!


Work with Groups in Office 365

Groups in Office 365 connects users with colleagues, information and applications they need to get more done together. Groups are open by default to enhance discoverability and sharing, but users can also create private groups if they need to work with sensitive content.  Using Office 365 Groups you can collaborate with your team when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans and more.


Manage your time with Calendars

With Calendars in Microsoft Office 365 for Business your team will be able to update and develop schedules for your organisation efficiently.

You can set up and work on your own individual calendar, plus work on shared calendars across your organisation.  This is great when you need to work with various teams to organise meetings, allocate resources such as boardrooms, and so forth.

With Office 365 for business, your team will have to skills to provide higher levels of customer service to staff both in-house and with those working remotely.


Communication is Key

Enhance performance, confidence & accountability

Providing your team members with Microsoft Office 365 business training gives them skills they need to be more productive, perform at higher levels, be more accountable and generally be more satisfied at work.

The tools in the software are intuitive and provide the ability to enhance performance.  They will give your team members the confidence to explore new ways of working and completing daily tasks.


Microsoft Office 365 for Business introduction training, is helpful for your team for a variety of reasons. 

These include:

  • A better understanding of the benefits of the Office 365 applications integration
  • How your organisation can apply the new Office 365 features into your day to day operations
  • Delivering Microsoft Office 365 for business introduction training will allow everyone to embrace it and maximise the new features and functions correctly.


What outcomes will you achieve with a Microsoft Office 365 for Business – Introduction training course?

At the completion of our course you should be able to:

  • Understand what Office 365 is and how it can be used
  • Understand how to start working with Office 365
  • Create, send and receive emails using Mail
  • Use Calendar to manage meetings, events and appointments
  • Understand and work with People
  • Create and join groups, post and interact with messages, and work with files using Yammer.
  • Use the Newsfeed
  • Access and navigate OneDrive
  • Start working with Office Online
  • Perform more complex email operations using Mail
  • Configure and personalise Mail settings to suit your needs


And Microsoft Office 365 business introduction training has plenty more to offer too.

For example,

  • You can use Calendar in Office 365 to manage meetings, events and appointments
  • You and your team can access, navigate and sync your teams OneDrive folder or work offline
  • You can also add comments in Word from a phone or any other device
  • You can collaborate more effectively and easier using Microsoft teams
  • And much more…



If you’re ready to upgrade your skills with Microsoft Office 365 for Business – Introduction Training, or you wish to tackle some new challenges, contact Corporate Training Options today for friendly, professional advice.


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