Wow your Customers with Awesome Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service

Give New & Repeat Customers the ‘Wow” Factor Experience with Awesome Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service.

Create positive influence… engage and connect.  Make a lasting first impression for all the right reasons with the power of your telephone courtesy and customer service skills.

By: Corporate Training Options, Australia


We all want to make a lasting impression with new and repeat customers who call our businesses. So, whether you use the phone a lot or a little at your business, the fact is great telephone courtesy and customer service skills keep customers coming back and talking about you for all the right reasons.

Whereas poor telephone skills can repel them!

Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills

Provide your team with training in Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills. Your customers will thank you.

Why? Well, whoever answers the call provides the first impression someone has of your business, and first impressions count!  So, if people are welcomed, feel at ease and have a pleasant service experience when they call your business, they are more likely to do business with you.

If customers call and you’re rude, or you interrupt them, and they have a poor telephone experience, chances are they’ll go elsewhere and tell 10 other people about it as well.  Trust me – you do not want that.

So, if you and your staff use the telephone in your business, then exceptional telephone courtesy and customer service skills are essential to:

  • provide customer service
  • assist with customer ordering
  • answer enquiries
  • book meetings, and more

All of your team should be professionally trained to have excellent telephone skills, including managers, team leaders, sales staff, receptionists, administrators, and call centre operators.


We all know that excellent Customer Service is one of the most important aspects of your business, but sadly not all businesses take the time to practice or develop their customer service phone skills.

However, if you do, it benefits your customers, your sales, your businesses reputation and your productivity.  In fact, it benefits you and your team in a myriad of ways.

Now, providing a seamless telephone service experience is not always easy, however, with the right training, it’s not as hard as you may think.


Quality Customer Service

By developing skills in telephone courtesy and customer service, you can meet your organisation’s standards, create rapport with your customers, problem solve quickly and stay calm when under pressure. We teach you to add value to your customer’s experience and your skillset, so your confidence improves and your engagement with people on the phone is always positive.

Basic Telephone Skills

Answering the telephone, using your best voice, addressing the caller, and effective listening are all important parts of quality telephone skills. Customer service is everyone’s responsibility, and these skills are needed at every level of your business, from junior staff through to management.

Some aspects of basic telephone skills include:

  • Answering the phone correctly
  • Managing multiple calls
  • Use the correct tone of voice
  • Checking if the call is a follow up call
  • Having the customer’s information available so that the customer does not need to repeat themselves
  • Clarifying information when necessary
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Closing the conversation appropriately


Professional Telephone Skills

Timeliness, professionalism, and patience are important professional skills to know and develop when providing customer service over the phone.

And stay positive at all times. Having a positive customer experience with the company is what will keep your customers coming back.

The following are all important aspects of professional telephone skills:

  • Managing technology
  • Negotiation and problem solving
  • Controlling the call
  • Making follow up calls
  • Taking notes while on the phone and recording all relevant information, which means that your customer does not have to repeat themselves
  • Having good knowledge of your company’s services and products, as this gives your customer confidence in your organisation
  • Confidence to handle difficult phone conversations. There may be times when you need to phone with news that you know your customer will not be happy with. Our training at CTO can help you to be confident, assertive and positive in these situations.


Understanding Your Customers

One of the best ways to deliver ‘wow’ telephone customer service is for you and your staff to understand why your customers are calling.

After all, whoever takes the call is the frontline of your business, so they need need to have empathy with the caller and require knowledge of how to handle the enquiry, or even a difficult situation if they occur.

Your customers will have a variety of different personalities and communication styles. Customer service staff need to be able to deal with all personality types and communication methods when answering the phone.

It is important that customers feel they are being listened to and are getting their needs met and questions answered. It is also important that you or your staff are assertive when it is necessary.

Staff need to know how to use clear communication when dealing with customers in person and on the phone. It is important to be understanding and empathetic when there is a problem or complaint.


That’s why so many people and businesses love our Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service course


Attitude and Great Service

Your attitude is everything!  Smile while you are on the phone. The customer can hear it in your voice. Really!

Take the time to understand your customers, discover their needs and motives.  Remaining positive at all times leaves a favourable impression upon your customer and keeps them coming back to your business.

A positive attitude and enthusiasm is catching and benefits the team member, the organisation and the customer.

Professional telephone and customer service skills are important to every organisation, and can increase your customer retention rates, improve sales and enhance the feeling of professionalism in your business.

Remember that ‘wowing’ customers & making a lasting first impression with the power of your businesses telephone skills, is what we’ve taught many people and businesses over the years with great success.  With our help we can teach you and your team how to make a lasting impression for all the right reasons on the phone, whatever the situation.


CTO’s Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills Course can teach you and your team Professional telephone skills, including:

  • phone answering
  • addressing the caller
  • practicing effective listening
  • managing messages
  • closing the conversation
  • how to engage and interact with your customers using excellent telephone courtesy, which adds value to your business

Your team can also understand how to:

  • ask questions
  • negotiate with customers
  • make follow up calls
  • deliver bad news
  • avoid statements that give the wrong impression
  • manage various customer behaviour styles


If these skills will benefit your team, then CTO’s Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service Skills Course is perfect for you.

For information on how you and your team can improve your Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service skills, and for enrolment details about any of the Corporate Training Options Customer Service Courses, contact us today.



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