Xero Tips – to make you More Efficient

The Xero accounting platform for small businesses continues to evolve and create new features and upgrades for its software on a regular basis. Xero is enabling businesses to better monitor and manage their performance. However, many companies are still not using the software to the best of its ability and therefore not enjoying many of the real benefits.

Here are some tips on how to use Xero more efficiently:

Invoices through Xero

– Set up repeating invoices. This function is great for saving you time when you need to process your monthly invoices.

– Make sure your defaults are set up correctly eg, payment due dates, tax inclusive or exclusive invoicing. Small automations like this save time.

Paying your Bills

– Use Xero batch payments to pay your creditors and bills. Once you have everything set up you can pay multiple bills in 5 -10 minutes.

– Pay specific invoice amounts rather than lump sums – your bills system will be much tidier.

Reconciling in Xero

– Once you are using invoices and bills efficiently in Xero, reconciling becomes much simpler. Most payments will reconcile to invoices or bills you have already set up.

– You can split payments in Xero. If a customer only pays half their invoice you can still reconcile this payment as it comes in, just click split. This function can also be used when paying bills.

Scan documents onto Xero

– Scan or take pictures of supplier bills, sales invoices, receipts and other documents received and upload the file into the Xero library. You can then attach them directly to a transaction, item or account. This will save time and frustration on losing or misplacing documents.

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