Australia-Wide Onsite Computer Training Courses

Why Computer Illiteracy is Costing Your Business More Than Just Money.

Thousands of corporate businesses, like yours, waste valuable hours every day due to inexperience, and a lack of training, with computer systems or software.  It causes frustration amongst staff, but worst of all, decreases productivity and profits for your business.

Which is where CTO's Onsite Training comes in.

From as little as $365 per trainee per day* we can train your employees inhouse to get you up to optimum productivity in their line of work.  We can customise a training strategy to suit your particular business, then implement it onsite where your staff are most comfortable and open to learning.

It doesn't matter if you use a Mac or a PC, or if you are based in Sydney, Darwin, Perth or even the Outback, because:

  • We cover the whole of Australia - Yes, we'll even fly an expert to you.
  • You can be trained inhouse in your workplace - just pick a time that suits you.
  • CTO's trainers are fully experienced in your computer systems and software.
  • We have over 200 qualified instructors waiting to help you in all capital cities and many major regional areas.
  • What might take months to learn without assistance, can often be taught in only 1 or 2 days.
  • CTO instructors have specialised areas of expertise, enabling them to provide professional, customised solutions that allow you to maximise your skills, and provide return on investment in your computer technology.

Give your business and staff the advantage and call us NOW on 1300 667 660.

CTO onsite corporate and computer training is available Australia wide.

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