7 Powerhouse Customer Service Tips

7 Powerhouse  Customer Service Tips

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“The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.”

Sam Walton      




Customer service is the face of your business, and you want to ensure that your team performs at their best possible levels, at all times.  There are several things you can do today for your customer service team, to ensure they deliver excellence.  These 7 powerhouse customer service tips will help your team provide quality customer service, and make lasting impressions on your customers.    


“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again, and bring their friends.”

Walt Disney  


7 Powerhouse Customer Service Tips to Deliver Customer Service Excellence


Be Proactive

Don’t wait until there’s a fire in your business to wonder how you should put it out. Instead, be proactive. Have workable action plans in place to help your customer service team deal with situations as they arise.  Practice the plans, so your team can deliver solutions for your customers quickly and easily.  


Foster Open Communication

Your customer service team should know your business’s philosophies and standards. Every employee that has some type of interaction with a customer, should have an in-depth understanding of your customer service standards, so there’s no confusion.  If there are areas they don’t understand, ensure open discussions are encouraged, to inform and enable your team.  


Treat Your Customers with Respect

The saying goes: “The customer is always right.”  While this may not always be true, it’s critical that your team treats every customer with the utmost respect and courtesy.  This culture of respect should extend between employees as well.  


Train your Team to be Problem Solvers

Instead of choosing to let go of a problem customer, you can train your team to rise to the challenge and work with them to solve the problems your customer has.  Not only can this help build your customer relations, but it strengthens your employees’ problem solving skills.  


Listen to Customer Feedback

Feedback will help your organisation to grow, as it provides you with new ways to constantly improve your services.   Make sure your entire team listens to feedback you receive from your customers.  Then use this feedback to upgrade your processes.  


Under Promise and Over Deliver

You should go to great lengths to keep your customers happy, and this includes not promising things unless you are 100% certain that your organisation can deliver. Instead of setting yourself up to fail, under-promise what you can do and dazzle your customers when you over-deliver.

An example of this might be that you know your shipment of new products is arriving next Monday.  One of your best customers is waiting for this product to arrive.  Contact them, and let them know you can deliver the product by next Thursday.  You have now set an expectation in their mind.  So just imagine how delighted they will be when the product actually arrives at their office on Tuesday – two days before the promised date.  


Monitor Your Competition

You want to outshine your competition, and one way to do this is to observe what they’re doing well.  Then, take what you learn and incorporate it into your own customer service practices.  This is a great way to shine, and also to leave your competition in the dust.  



“It can take months to find a customer….  Seconds to lose one.”

Vince Lobmardi


Smile on the phone - customers can hear it in your voice    

Want to know more about improving the skills of your Customer Service Team?

To gain an all-star customer service team, you have to give them the tools they need to thrive.  CTO’s training course – Customer Service Excellence – provides critical success training to ensure your customer service team is delighting customers.  

Your team will learn about:

  • The value of caring about your customers
  • Trends in customer service
  • How you can make a difference by applying the human touch
  • Managing face to face contact and the benefits of active listening
  • The value of complaints and the service recovery process
  • Learn who the customer is and about customer relationship management
  • How to engage with difficult customers when they are angry or unreasonable
  • Ways to increase customer loyalty and those moments of truth
  • How to increase sales via customer service
  • Sales orientation and the nature of persuasion


After completing your Customer Service Excellence one-day course, your organisation and team will have achieved a number of learning outcomes.

These learning outcomes include:

  • Acquire tools to provide quality customer service and make lasting impressions on customers
  • Explore how customers define the success of your organisation, as well as a customer’s emotional behaviour, and how that sensitivity influences his or her decision making
  • Discover techniques to increase customer satisfaction through your behaviour
  • Examine the techniques for providing service through face-to-face contact, the factors that contribute to the success of that contact, and the benefits of actively listening to your customers
  • Identify the stages of customer management and recognise who your internal customers are – you will also explore value chain management and how to make positive long-term decisions that add value to your company
  • Identify the guidelines for dealing with unreasonable and irate customers
  • Take action to increase the loyalty of the customers you serve
  • How to increase sales via customer service


If you’re ready to upgrade your skills to provide Powerhouse Customer Service, or you wish to tackle some new challenges, contact Corporate Training Options today for friendly, professional advice. We’ll discuss your specific needs, and tailor a training course to suit your requirements.  

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