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Team Building tips to take your team to the next level!

Team Building Training with CTO

In every business environment, your team members are required to work with a variety of different people and personalities. And while they are all there to perform specific tasks and duties, personality clashes can occur.

If people in your team don’t get along, it can cause friction throughout your entire workplace.  It can also make other team members uncomfortable, not to mention affect their productivity and overall performance.

Without team building strategies, this can affect your organisation’s productivity, culture, team morale and future success.

Which is why team building is crucial for your team member’s happiness and performance, and for your business success.

The benefits of team building include: 

  • Improving each team members performance
  • Raising team morale
  • Cultivating a more productive and cohesive team 
  • Improving team performance
  • And creating highly motivated staff members

Team bonding is not only a great way to get your employees to work well together as a unit, but it also aids in creating a more stable work environment and culture.

Here are five ‘must have’ tips for you from the Corporate Training Options Team Building Course, which you can take action on with your teams.

Design a Successful Blueprint for Your Team

Team Building is like building anything; you need the blueprints to get started. Teams in most cases will have varying degrees of skills, different personalities and a range of beliefs.

Though it can be tough trying to get everyone to work together and agree on a way forward, a team-building blueprint can help you achieve this. 

It aids you in figuring out team characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, the skills available and what your team goals are.

Build a strong foundation for your team members 

To create a strong foundation for your organisation’s team, always remember you are working with living breathing human beings who have needs, wants and desires just like you. 

They also have varying belief systems and values.

Some of the most crucial tips to remember with team bonding are:

  • Taking the time to plan and build a strong foundation for your team members
  • Involving your team members in the process in an open and honest way
  • Leading by example using your own organisational, management and people skills
  • Building a team culture that rewards, motivates, involves and excites your team members, to bring them enjoyment and happiness at work.
  • Establishing accountability within your team and for each member 

Performing these steps is necessary for achieving the best possible outcomes for your team and your organisation. It also guarantees you and your team will have a solid foundation to work on to help you evolve as a team of people with a common cause.

Team Building is more than just People – it’s a Unified Orchestra

Based on our decades of experience in training corporate teams, our philosophy on team building is simple.  In the words of Henry Ford …

Coming together is a beginning. 

Keeping together is progress. 

Working together is success.

Team Building builds stronger bridges to healthier Communication

Building bridges to healthier communication within your team involves a lot of work, tenacity and commitment. 

There are many steps to building a successful, cohesive team. Once you do though, you and your team will work much more effectively and happily, irrespective of the work situation. 

To get to that level some of the steps team leaders and managers need to take are: 

  • Facilitate and encourage open communication
  • Develop teamwork involvement through collaboration
  • Involve your team in setting goals and standards 
  • Utilise the skills of your team and their personalities so your company can solve problems faster and more easily 
  • Create a culture where everyone has accountability, input and ownership
  • Examine conflict and conflict resolution styles, to help your team resolve conflicts productively

Performing all of these tasks will give you the outcome of better communication within your team.

Nurture Mutual Trust and Respect at all times

Mutual trust and respect are the most crucial points to remember and reinforce to build a successful team. 

Of course, this can also be ‘easier said than done’.

To create a capable team for your organisation, irrespective of its size, you need to follow a process. 

It requires fostering an environment of trust and open communication, meaning you must create a safe, relaxed and accessible workplace. This will allow your team to put their faith in you, their fellow team members, their skills and how they see themselves in that team.

Recognising employee performance is a great way to give and earn the respect of your fellow team members, however, it needs to be sincere and deserved. 

In Summary

Team building is crucial for your team member’s happiness and performance, and for your organisation’s success. We hope you’ve found these Team Building tips beneficial, as a snapshot of how Team Building training can benefit you, your team and your organisation.

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Discover More about Powering up Moral, Collaboration & Motivation with Corporate Training Options Team Building

If you’re interested in learning more about unleashing the power and putting into practice the success of team building in your company, Corporate Training Options’ Team Building training course will be invaluable to you.

From learning how to keep your team members motivated; to improved communication; to developing your teams’ problem-solving skills; this is a must-have team bonding and training course unlike any other.

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Upon successful completion of the Team Building course, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the differences between a team and a group including defining the characteristics of each
  • Create a plan for the team or group
  • Understand the benefits of team building in a business environment
  • Create a strong foundation for the team or group through the use of organisational skills and planning
  • Establish accountability within the team or group
  • Determine the right people for your team
  • Understand and combine different behaviour styles
  • Build a solid team through correct training and understanding
  • Promote teamwork through your management style
  • Determine the best ways to communicate within and with your team
  • Discover how to solve problems within the team and through team effort
  • Implement positive discipline within the team or group

The Corporate Training Options Team Building course will help you understand the workings of teams and how teams can help you work better.

You can find the complete Team Building course outline from Corporate Training Options here.

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The Benefits of the CTO Team Building Course include:

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