Your Must-know Skills for Call Centre Success

Your Must-know Skills for Call Centre Success

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Call Centre Success


Would you like Instant Success for your Call-Centre Team?

When it comes to any business, customer service and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

Whilst organisations are progressively shifting to a more digital experience with their customers, Call Centres still remain at the core of all interactions – and at times, at the core of customer frustrations and complaints.

However, offering a seamless, personalised and ‘human’ experience over the phone can delight customers and turn them into advocates.  This represents a great opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive advantage; a fact Australian Call Centres are hearing loud and clear with 73% striving to improve their customer experience, according to the 2018 Australian Contact Centre Industry Report.


Call Centre Success

Helping solve client issues and keeping them happy

As part of a Call Centre group you will encounter clients of all kinds – some are incredibly patient and understanding, others are just confused, and then others are incredibly frustrated with your company, your product or both.

All of these different scenarios can be tough to navigate, but with the essential skills for Call Centre success in place, you and your team will know exactly what to do­.

With these skills come instant benefits.  You’ll enjoy shorter call times, better outcomes and greater satisfaction for you, your customers and your organisation.


Here are my five tips to get your started.

Happy Call Centre Staff

Clarify the complaint

Especially in the heat of the moment, a client might not communicate efficiently. Or, you might just misunderstand them.

This can lead to both frustration and time lost when it comes to solving the issue. Start each call by repeating the complaint back to the customer to ensure you are both on the same page.

Lead with empathy

Remind the client you’re there to help them; you are someone in the company who is on their side. This reassures them that they will be taken care of and can give a sense of peace to a tense situation.

Beginner? Don’t tell them.

People often fall back on the, “I’m new on the job.”  However, this can frustrate a client and can diminish your knowledge in their eyes. If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to let them know you will need to ask for help. But keep your experience level to yourself.

Skills for Call Centre Success


Speak naturally

Customers want to feel like they are talking to a real person, not a robot. Maintain your relaxed and natural tone so that your customer feels like they are simply talking to a friend. The conversation will flow much easier, and they are more likely to remain reasonable.

When in doubt, ask!

Yes, it would be ideal if you could just read their minds and know exactly what the issue was when they called. But let’s be honest, that is not going to be the case. If you are confused or think you might have missed a piece of information, simply ask the client. They will appreciate it in hindsight when all the information is relayed correctly.


In Summary

Providing reliable and consistent experiences for all customers is a critical component to your success in a call Centre.  When you put these tips into place, and begin to use them in all your customer interactions, you will immediately benefit.   You’ll enjoy shorter call times, better outcomes and greater satisfaction for you, your customers and your organisation.




Want to know more about improving the skills of your Call Centre team?

CTO’s training course – Call Centre Success – Essential Skills – provides all the critical success training to ensure your Call Centre is delighting customers.

Your team will learn about:

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  • Ten Essential Communication Skills
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After completing your Call Centre Success one-day course, your business and team will see improvements in …

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